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If your hearing loss is a result of working in loud industrial environments, you’re not alone. An estimated 1 million Australians suffer from occupational hearing loss. At Industrial Hearing Services, we specialise in helping you navigate the complex process of hearing loss compensation.

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$19,039* is the average payout

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Who is Industrial Hearing Services?

Industrial Hearing Services (IHS) have been helping people with industrial hearing loss and claims since 1994. Our reputation is backed by our high quality services that incur no out-of-pocket costs.

We want to ensure no-one misses out on their rightful entitlement for an injury sustained over a lifetime of hard work.

We will look after your interests positively, proactively and professionally.

Why choose Industrial Hearing Services?

We can help you find out if you’re eligible for industrial deafness compensation claims.



We’ve been helping people with industrial hearing loss for almost 30 years

We understand how hearing loss can affect your quality of life and want to help you access the best possible treatment.

We can make a positive change in the lives of those who have suffered industrial hearing loss

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Frequently Asked Questions

We need to find out some details from you, such as where and when you last worked on a noisy job.

We will need to arrange a free hearing test to determine hearing loss specific to a workplace injury.

Certain (high frequency) hearing loss is only caused through specific high-pitch noise exposure. For example, a jack hammer, buzz-saw, welder…

The first step is to take our free online hearing test and then chat to one of our friendly IHS agents who will explain everything.
That needn’t be a problem. In fact, many people IHS help are retired and still entitled to make a claim. So, even if you left the job that caused your hearing loss several years ago, you may still be entitled to workplace hearing loss compensation.

You won’t have to worry about proving anything – that’s where we come in! We will arrange a free hearing test to determine whether you have industrial deafness.

Some high frequency hearing damage can only be caused by specific, high-pitch noises like a jack hammer, buzzsaw or welder.

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