About – Industrial Hearing Loss

Who are IHS?

Industrial Hearing Services (IHS) have been helping people with industrial hearing loss and claims since 1994. Our reputation is backed by our high-quality services that incur no out-of-pocket costs.


IHS is a respected leader in the industrial hearing loss industry. We have a deep understanding of the varying levels of hearing loss people can experience – and the associated requirements for industrial deafness compensation claims.

Simplifying complexity

Dealing with hearing loss is overwhelming enough without adding the stress of a complex hearing loss compensation claim. We do the hard work for you and make the evaluation and claims process as quick and easy as possible.

Personalised care

We understand that the effects of industrial deafness can be life-altering - and that the experience is different for everyone. That’s why we provide advice and support matched to your needs, personal circumstances and life stage. We are here to guide and support you to achieve the best possible outcome.

We want to ensure no-one misses out on their rightful entitlement for an injury sustained over a lifetime of hard work and will look after your interests positively and professionally.

Average $19,039 Payout achieved by IHS during 2022* Find out if you are eligible in 3 easy steps:

Call for a free consultation

Speak to one of our hearing compensation consultants for personalised advice.

Get a free hearing test

Your consultant books an appointment at your closest location.

Start your industrial deafness claim

We connect you with specialist medical and legal companies who provide services on a zero out-of- pocket basis.