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Industrial deafness is a work-related hearing loss condition that progresses over an extended period of time, sometimes years. It often remains undiagnosed until many years after exposure, particularly as people age.
Industrial deafness, also known as occupational hearing loss, is caused by prolonged exposure to loud work environments without adequate hearing protection equipment.
An estimated 37% of all hearing loss in Australia is due to exposure to excessive levels of noise.
The average claim payout by IHS in Australia in 2022 was $19,039*
Industries where workers often develop industrial deafness include construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture and transport. Workers in these industries are regularly exposed to noise 85dB or louder and are therefore more at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
Untreated hearing loss can lead to decreased quality of life from constantly asking people to speak louder or repeat themselves, to not being able to hear the TV or radio. It is a progressive condition that, left untreated, can contribute to early onset dementia, depression, accidents, and relationship breakdown.
We need to gather some details from you, such as the specific job and dates of your last employment in a noisy environment. We specialise in assessing industrial deafness, and we can arrange a free hearing test to determine if you meet the criteria for an industrial deafness claim. Please note that certain (high frequency) hearing loss is exclusively caused by specific high-pitched noise exposure, such as a jack hammer, buzz-saw, welder and etc.
The initial step is to take our free online hearing test, followed by a conversation with one of our friendly IHS agents who will provide a comprehensive explanation of the process.
The compensation amount depends on several factors, such as the extent of noise-induced hearing loss you’ve experienced, the duration of your last employment, and the specific requirements governing industrial deafness claims. The entitlements also vary by state.
You won’t have to worry about proving anything – that’s where we come in! We will arrange a free hearing test to determine whether you have industrial deafness. Some high frequency hearing loss can only be caused by specific, high-pitch noises like a jack hammer, buzzsaw, welder and etc.

We want to ensure no-one misses out on their rightful entitlement for an injury sustained over a lifetime of hard work.

We will look after your interests positively, proactively and professionally.

Average $19,039 Payout achieved by IHS during 2022* Find out if you are eligible in 3 easy steps:

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